Praise for Chicken Outfit & Paranoid Tales:

Could very well be the essence of what independent comic making is about...
James Anders II
Comic Bastards / on Chicken Outfit
"Joe Deagnon is either a comic genius, a drug crazed maniac, or possibly both. His madball style strikes me as a cartooned analog of Hunter Thompson"
Mike Gunderloy
Factsheet 5 / on Paranoid Tales
"One thing that doesn’t need to be questioned is the quality of this comic! The first thing to grab you is the art. It’s spot on! The writing like the art is top notch."
Warren E. Elliott
Almost Normal Comics / on Chicken Outfit
"The artistic style perfectly conveys the heavily bizarre emotional states behind it…"
Mike Gunderloy
The World of Zines: A Guide to the Independent Magazine Revolution / on Paranoid Tales