Voice Choke

Sat down and just wanted to get my voice notes to start writing the new script. FORTY MINUTES later, I’m still fucking around with iTunes and the iPhone since it refuses to “trust” my computer. In addition to that the iPhone isn’t locked with a passcode and when it asks that I trust my desktop mac, I tap “trust” and it doesn’t. Then, to add insult to injury, I try to write this very post and the Themify Custom Panel shoots up into the roof whenever I try to add a text box. I just wanted to get some work done…  Thanks Apple! Thanks Themify!

UPDATE! Finally got it working by restarting EVERYTHING and banging the iPhone very hard against a hard-wood table. Themify still “broken” in Safari and now, my voice notes which were all labelled before the iOS 8 upgrade are now generic with dates. Now I have to rename them all to find out which one is which. Thanks Apple!