Chicken Outfit #2 Now on Comixology


Written by: Joe Deagnon
and Kirby Stasyna
Art by: Joe Deagnon
Price: $2.99

Bring Me The Head Of Stan Munson
Web-Guy Rusty McDoodle goes back to his freelancing gigs while his buddy Stan trys to hide the horrific destruction of his basement studio experiment from his boss, Zigmund Danzig. Meanwhile, amidst the swirling reminder of his persistent visions, Headcast accompanies Billy to the lake for a relaxing fishing trip. The sportsmen head to their favourite pub for some sustenance, only to find the horrors of the city have bled into their idyllic country retreat. Soon, these four lads will realize there is nowhere to hide from the “Chicken Outfit”.

Join these two hapless slobs, Headcast the psychic, his fishing buddy Billy and their shit-house-rat-crazy, yet loveable megalomanic, boss into an adventure that will unhinge the doors of perception and stomp its way into your heart with a pair of blood-clotted, steel cleats.

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