If you don’t overdo it a little bit at Shock Stock, you’re not doing it right. We here at Chicken Outfit decided to front-load on our arrival to London and although we missed the Scumbag Soiree due to a horrific hangover, from the looks on the faces of the vendors on Sunday, MUCH fun was had by all! Drop by their Facebook to see some of the photos and videos of that night. In all of the cons we’ve attended since we started this comic, the horror festivals are most comfortable and friendly. We would like to thank Jake, James, Bob and the whole Shock Stock crew for being welcoming, attentive and for making our experience at a con one of the best yet! We met a lot of great people, sold some comics and will hopefully be attending next year. Below are some stand-outs we had the chance to chat with. See you next year! (We’ll also be at the equally amazing Horror-Rama again this coming October 17!)

Luis Ceriz
from Suspect Video
Darryl & Boo from Twisted Tees
Cameron Scholes from Grim Stitch Factory
Maurizio Guarini from Goblin
Jeramie Rain from Last House on the Left
Kelly Michael Stewart from Blood in the Snow Fest
Yakov Levi from Whorror Comix