Computers : The Death of Us All!

Have no fear of perfection
- you'll never reach it.

– Salvador Dali

Welcome to an imperfect world! Yes, with all our collective intelligence we still manage to shackle ourselves to machines that break down, blow up and just plain annoy us to distraction. Because Chicken Outfit is partially about technology and its effects on society, we’ve decided to resurrect our old blog area entitled, “Computers: The Death of Us All!” – a “love” letter to all the programmers and designers that refused to think logic through before rushing to get a piece of software to market, whether it was under the iron fist of unreasonable corporate schedules or because they were just too damn lazy to care. Let’s not forget that because “computers only do what you tell them to” and due to the complete “open-source”, yet “walled-garden” nature of these infernal zombie boxes, we have created a world where nothing works. Ever.

So, sit back, tear out your hair, smash your computer keyboard, scream obscenities until you’re hoarse and enjoy our log of errors, break-downs and fuck-ups!

Note: As we both work on Macs, the majority of the errors posted will be Apple related, though we often see errors in the real world as well, so we’ll be posting about a myriad of subjects in our war on error!