Chicken Outfit HQ: The Blue Goose Tavern

Most of the Chicken Outfit development work that has taken place outside of our offices usually goes down in bars, beer halls, taverns and legions. As long as there is a flat surface to work on and the beer is cheap, we seem to be happy and productive. Joe and I have spent countless hours “working” at  local establishments like Billy’s, Lokys, and the Intersteer.  (For the record, we much preferred the Intersteer before its renovations, when all they sold was one type of draft and pickled eggs.)

These days, we have our general meetings at the Blue Goose Tavern, located in my part of town, Etobicoke. My grandfather, who owned and operated the Two Sisters restaurant on The Queensway, used to drink there 40 years ago, and I’ve been told that it was accessible by the trains that stopped at Mimico station. A train would pull up, everyone would scurry out and have 15 minutes to down as many ice cold drafts as they could before the whistle would blow and the train would be off again. It really makes the place very special to have a connection to its past, and I’m happy to keep the family tradition alive by working on the comic there.

If you’re ever in Etobicoke and want to meet up, let us know, we’d love to take you to the Goose for a few beers and some double cheeseburgers on us. (on Joe.) We’ve even come up with a new slogan for the place, although it hasn’t been officially sanctioned by the owners: “Can’t wait to get to the Goose!” And it’s true, I just can’t wait till the next meeting.