Chicken Outfit @ The Small Press & Literary Festival

Our first appearance at the Spring Small Press and Literary Festival went very well. It was a great experience and we met a lot of talented and helpful people. Kirby and I worked hard to bring Chicken Outfit into the small press convention scene and we’d just like to thank a few people who took the time to chat with us, buy our work and give us accolades and advice.:

Thanks to our fellow vendors, in particular: Nina Munteanu, Anja Pujic and DCCED, Franky Plata Rojas, Chris MacLeanSalgood Sam – as well, a big thanks to Sheryl Kirby and Greg Clow who put on a great festival, given some of the hurdles they needed to jump in order to pull it off. A big thanks to our friends, who not only that came out to support us in person, but also behind the scenes, including: Gary Couto, Nikki Is (, David Meneley, Chris Jones-Hansen, Jorj and Alma Takacs (, Linda Deagnon and of course our lovely better halves. Now, back to the drawing board for issue #2 and other opportunities that await. More pictures and news on Facebook.