Stan’s Lab Layout

Stan's Lab Floor Plan

Sketch Floor Plan

“In order to get a clear idea of where everything is spatially, drawing a floor plan of the intended setting helps a great deal. In film, when you’re setting up a shot, you need to be aware of the “180 Degree Rule” and apply this to comics. Being in a 2D space, you need to use your imagination a little more, as you’re not only creating and moving the characters around, you’re also building the space in which they’re moving.”

“We’ve been living in the world of Chicken Outfit for about 10 years now and after countless rounds of planning, outlines, character sketches, drafts, finals, revisions, and maps. I feel like we exist with one foot in the comic and the other in reality. The people and places in Chicken Outfit are as familiar to me as friends and local haunts. This rough map showing Stan’s office illustrates that once the basic story and dialogue is finished, how completely you have to know your world when writing and illustrating a story. The more comfortable you feel there and the better you know the characters, the easier it is to pull your audience in and make them believe that the people and places are real, no matter how fantastic their adventures.”