About Chicken Outfit

Freelancer Rusty McDoodle and his best friend Stan Munson meet late one night to discuss Stan’s latest project. When Stan tells him a tale, too strange to be believed, Rusty is left with the decision to join Stan’s company and help him uncover the truth behind Stan’s Kafkaesque employer, or wallow in his post relationship funk.

These two web-lackeys soon uncover a series of events so bizarre it will drive them to the edge of madness. With the help of an alcoholic psychic and his fishing buddy, the boys are roped into a nightmarish struggle with bloodthirsty demons and money-mongering yes-men.

Chicken Outfit is a satirical comic series for our future-shocked times. It chronicles corporate greed, maniacal butchers, undead demon-chicks, drunken psychic shaman, pretentious aliens and live bait. Follow the adventures of a couple of under-paid slobs who find themselves in the most hellish situation of their lives.

Can they keep their jobs and sanity intact when they can’t trust anyone and there’s an axe lurking behind every back?

Join these two hapless slobs, Headcast the psychic, his fishing buddy Billy and their shit-house-rat-crazy, yet loveable megalomanic, boss into an adventure that will unhinge the doors of perception and stomp its way into your heart with a pair of blood-clotted, steel cleats.